Scan of coin

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burbujavirtual said...


colour man

i see some thing

que a hecho desaparecer

the play, el disfrute

y el nutritivo trueque emotivo objetual

this metal inicia la obsesión dirigida de poder


maybe not

nice grabados

i like the effect the fire in the metal

me agradan los dibujos tallados con fuego y presión sobre el metal

y su huella temporal contenida

Kala said...

coins coins coins - I used to collect coins - theres some pretty old ones in your photo! one is dated 1863 hm that must be a centennial coin? I wish they would change the penny - its kinda needs a face lift.

Gary said...

very nice image

Nicola said...

Did you polish them first ;). They look so clean.

Kala said...

thanks for that message on my blog - how did you know it was an "Olympic" size pool - r u a swimmer? That is awesome - by the way do you have coins from all 50 states? I just noticed those were state coins!!! I stopped collecting coins when I was a kid when got our house robbed and someone took my coin collection so this reminds me of the collection- kewl photo =)

pixibition said...

thanks all the comments
the coins in this shot r new coins i didn't polish them, photoshop did it:-P
now, i'm collecting the state coins still missing couple states. i used to have lot of old coins but most lost when i was moving:-)
btw i'm not swimmer. but i used to swim in the olympic 50m pool almost every weekend in high school. miss to swim in the big pool.
have a great weekend:-)


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