Super Flight Coaster
(Playland Amusement Park, Rye)
See more photos at
"Shapes & Forms"


Rock said...

Now that looks like some scary ride! The intense yellow and red are great, and it looks like the whole ride is mounted in the sky!

Brian said...

Wonderful lines and composition - well conceived and executed :)

Colors look maybe a tad oversaturated on my monitor? I haven't calibrated it, so maybe it's just me.

Paul said...

Wow! Cool colors, and an incredibly complex composition. Very nice!

Tai said...

GREAT composition here. I love how you managed to catch the coaster where it is. This looks like a hell of a fun ride!

Andy said...

This image really twisted my eyes as I scrolled down the page. The bold color combined with the twisting lines really make for an impactful image.

fine words said...

This is a very nicely done shot--congrats. I must say, however, a few of the other commenters on this one sound a bit overcaffeinated! :) Or else maybe they just need to see more roller coasters?


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